Breakout Session One

First Breakout Session | Curriculum Development & Engagement


Session One Meals

These 40 minute sessions begin at 9:40 and do not repeat.

Google Classroom
Miranda Felton
District Technology Innovation Coach, PVUSD

Google Classroom is not just a tool for distance learning! Now that you already know the basics, learn how to use Google Classroom to support your in-person instruction too! This session will give you ideas on what to assign through GC for in-person learning, and how to organize those assignments.

Google Sites
Janie Islas
District Technology Innovation Coach, PVUSD

Come learn how to create your own website using Google Sites. With Sites you can easily communicate and share resources with your students and their families, or have students create their own digital portfolios to showcase their work.

Integrating the Environment with Teacher Leadership Institute Resources
Amity Sandage
Environmental Literacy Coordinator, Santa Cruz COE

Connecting with nature and real world environmental issues positively impacts student motivation for learning, attention span, and mental and physical health. Access innovative locally-relevant lesson sequences that integrate Outdoor Ed, Science, SEL, Environmental Literacy and EdTech tools for a combination of distance and in-person learning.

Erin Asamoto
CS Coach, SCCS

Learn how to use Eduprotocols with Pear Deck to repeat over and over again with different content each time. These protocols will save you time and allow students to learn more as they collaborate and get excited to learn more. There are many ways to enhance your curriculum, and this is one tool you won't want to miss out on! *Please note, this session may start slightly after 9:40.*

Session One Snacks

These 20 minute sessions begin at 9:40 and 10:00 and repeat.

Melissa Shaw
District Technology Innovation Coach, PVUSD

Are you hungry for an EdTech tool that elevates engagement, innovation, and growth through design-thinking? You’re invited to snack on Canva for Education! We will explore tasty tricks and tips for fostering student/teacher creativity, collaboration, and visual communication.

Youth Media Challenges
Kate Freels
District Technology Innovation Coach, PVUSD

Take advantage of free platforms that allow students to engage in discourse with peers from around the country and share their unique voice and vision by making and sharing media. We will focus on the resources available from KQED.

Kathy Petersen
Elementary ToSA: Technology, K-6 Independent Studies, Intervention Coordinator, SVUSD

84% of students surveyed shared that they would like to have access to learning materials, lectures and assignments in one place. Hyperdocs are a creative EdTech tool for engaging lessons and units. Learn how to take advantage of this tool to engage students whether they are in the classroom or learning remotely.

B R E A K | 10:20-10:30