Session Descriptions

BACK TO SCHOOL REBOOT: Refresh Your Operating Systems

9:00 - 9:30 Optional Restorative Start 

Facilitated by Stephanie Sumarna, EdTech & Innovation ToSA & Audrey Sirota, Visual & Performing Arts Coordinator

Start the morning connecting with self in order to connect with others.  We will read & respond to a selection of quotes and then share our thoughts in small groups.  You'll leave with the slides that can be reused with your students at the start of the year!

9:30-10:00 Kickoff 

Facilitated by Stephanie Sumarna, EdTech & Innovation ToSA featuring Dr. Faris Sabbah, County Superintendent of Schools. 

Meet the EdTech & Innovation Team at the Santa Cruz COE, hear from County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Faris Sabbah, and get a clear picture on how to navigate the logistics for the rest of the day.  

We are also super excited to be hearing from our keynote, Ed Campos.

10:05-10:45 Session One

Take your pick from several amazing sessions! Use the schedule at a glance to find the zoom links for each.

Gettin' Sheety
Yvonne Gray
Instructional Technology Coach, Soledad Unified School District

Come learn some tricks in Google Sheets such as conditional formatting, translation, setting permissions, using checkboxes, and find & replace. 

Creating Soundboard for Student Engagement and Classroom Management
Janie Islas
District Technology Innovation Coach, PVUSD

In this session, you will take away some ideas on how to use sound and music in your classroom to make class routines more engaging. I will share a soundboard with you, but will also show you how to create and personalize your own soundboard so that it connects to your particular set of students’ interests and routines. 

Academic Talk
Sofia Sorensen
Multilingual Coordinator, Santa Cruz COE

We all know that "the one doing the talking is the one doing the learning"  Productive talk is the result of intentional teacher moves.  Come share and refresh on how to structure your classroom conversations for student learning. 

Arts Integration: Self Expression Through Text
Audrey Sirota
Arts Coordinator, Santa Cruz COE

As a continuation of our restorative start this morning, we will continue to share strategies for supporting students to express themselves through text and an art form.

Canva 101
Jenna Dawson
Canva Learning Consultant, Canva for Education

Explore how Canva elevates teaching and learning experiences by inspiring creativity, collaboration, and amplifying student voice. In this session you will learn the basics of Canva for education including how to locate templates, create folders, share activities, and provide real-time feedback. Through design practice, participants will gain a better understanding of how intuitive Canva for Education is for users. Lastly, we will consider student workflow options and ultimately, how we can use Canva to empower meaningful and authentic learning.

Hyperdocs for the First Week
Erin Asamoto
CS Coach, Santa Cruz City Schools

Come and explore how to integrate Hyperdocs to your first few days of class. This session will lead you through some examples, ready to use templates, and a ton of resources to create your own hyperdoc. 

Educator Wellness - Sparking Resilience: Packing Our Bags to Support Well-Being Throughout the School Year
Kim Corneille & Suzanne Denham
Senior Community Organizer & SEAD ToSA, Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Start the year equipped to withstand all sorts of weather.  Just as we pack our bags for a trip with clothing and items to keep us comfy on the go, we can start the new school year with an understanding of how to tap into our inner resources and build resilience to keep us grounded and balanced throughout the year.  Develop a set of strategies to strengthen your core sense of well-being, like throwing on a windbreaker when it starts to sprinkle out on the hiking trail!  Be sure to have paper and pencil/pen on hand during this session for “stop and jot” reflections.  This session is applicable to all that work in education.

11:05-11:45 Session Two

Take your pick from 7 amazing sessions! Use the schedule at a glance to find the zoom links for each.

SVMI Reboot
Kevin Drinkard
Math Coordinator, Santa Cruz COE

Our partnership with the Silicon Valley Math Initiative (SVMI) provides all SC County Educators TK-12 with: Access to SVMI's rich collection of password-protected MARS Performance Tasks & Problems of the Month; Curriculum and instruction tools, including resources for Math Talks; Access to professional learning. Join us for a quick refresher of what our partnership can offer you!

Creating Class Websites Using Google Sites
Miranda Felton
District Technology Innovation Coach, PVUSD

Learn how to use Google Sites to create a class website, and make it a one-stop shop for all your school-to-home communication needs.  During this session you will see a real example of a class website and how it is used with parents and students, and also create your own website that you can share with parents immediately, and add content to throughout the school year.

Supporting a Culture of Wellness in Schools
Melissa Shaw
District Technology Innovation Coach, PVUSD

Come explore a variety of tools and resources that inspire engagement and create authentic, welcoming environments. Together we can lead by example to cultivate our learning communities with a lens for personal, classroom, school, and community wellness! ⭐️ 

STEAM Expo Teaser
Heather Wygant
Science Coordinator, Santa Cruz COE

Come learn about the new STEAM Expo, how it connects with what you normally do in class, and how STEAM connects to many career fields including most CTE pathways! This will be a fun Community wide event for all ages! Leave the session with ideas on how you can participate in the STEAM Expo this year with your students!

You Think You Know Kahoot!
Sydney Jones
Senior Customer Support Specialist, Kahoot!

Learn how to foster engagement with Kahoot! tools, templates, and features. A Kahoot! expert will share strategies for building your first kahoot, exploring ready-made content, Kahoot! question formats, reporting resources. Take away tips, tricks, and tools to bring powerful play to your classroom, no matter what learning might look like! 

Empowering Students: The 5E Model
Scott Shepherd
Interpreter III- Santa Cruz District, CA State Parks

California State Parks provides a multitude of opportunities for K-12 teachers and students to connect with the natural, cultural, and historic resources of our region.  Today, California State Parks is working to create more equitable and sustainable access to parks for K-12 audiences by providing both virtual and in-person experiences.  The 5E lesson model is a perfect way to start getting your students engaged in California State Parks' resources without leaving the needs of your curriculum or learning objectives.  In this session, we'll explore the 5E as a pedagogial practice whilst discovering new innovative ways to connect with available resources from California State Parks. 

Become an Organized Educator with Wakelet
Amy Kyle & Tisha Poncio
Community Manager & Digital Leraning Specialist, Wakelet

This session will cover basic account setup, teacher use to transform resources, how to organize lesson plans, onboarding new staff, parent or campus newsletters, and using Wakelet to tell your story in a beautiful way for colleagues, students, and stakeholders. 

11:50 - 12:00 Closing & Raffle

Facilitated by Stephanie Sumarna, EdTech & Innovation ToSA joined by Jason Borgen, Chief Technology & Innovations Officer.

We'll close out the day with a giveaway! We have great prizes including premium licenses to Kahoot!, copies of Jon Corripo's EduProtocols, a gift certificate to Penny Ice Creamery - a much more.  We will also be releasing some big news about an upcoming project with California State Parks and CTV.

2:00-3:15 Afternoon Hike, Seacliff State Beach

Hosted by California State Parks

Come together with educators from across the county to connect IRL at one of our region's beautiful state parks! An interpreter will take us through some of the locations and activities students could expect to engage in on a field trip to the same spot, and then we'll end at the Visitor's Center.

Special Instructions for Hike:

As you arrive, please visit the entrance station as they are providing our group with parking passes.  Then meet at the covered picnic tables next to the visitor center for a short beach walk.  Bring water, sunscreen, hats, layers, and good walking shoes. 


Contact Stephanie Sumarna, EdTech & Innovation ToSA at or (831) 466-5810.